Many people notice that their hearing has deteriorated but are reluctant to seek help.

Perhaps they don't want to acknowledge the problem, are embarrassed by what they see as a weakness, or believe that they can "get by" without using a hearing aid. Is this you or a family member? Take the time to come by our office for a comprehensive evaluation of your hearing. We can show you what a hearing aid can do to improve the quality of your life.

At Care-O-Lina Hearing Center,  we offer a wide selection of hearing aids from 14 different companies, including the new "open ear" technology. With open ear, the hearing aid rests comfortably inside your ear canal with little blockage of the opening.  Even your own voice sounds more natural.  We also offer Starkey's new OtoLens hearing aids that is 100 percent invisible.

As a member of the Elite Hearing Network, we can fit you with the best hearing aid at a competitive price.  And, we provide hearing aid repair and hearing aid programming services.

For more information on hearing loss, visit the Better Hearing Institute website. Concerned about your hearing? Perform this quick online evaluation of your hearing.

If you are in the Triangle area, please visit our Raleigh office at 1221 Corporation Parkway, Raleigh, NC  27610. Phone (919) 250-0021.

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I knew I should have my hearing checked because I was having trouble in certain situations - crowded rooms, for example. But I didn't really want to find out that I needed a hearing aid. One day I ran into a friend in, you guessed it, a crowded professional event.



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